Collinder 69collinder69

Open Cluster in Orion

Lambda Orionis Association

A really attractive Open Cluster of stars centred around Meissa,
λ Ori, 39 Ori, HIP 26207 at Mag 3.5 which also has distinct nebulocity around it
In 24mm there is a really attractive FOV where Meissa and
φ1 Ori, 37 Ori, Hip 26176 at Mag 4.35 are either side and between them and off to one side but balanced is a line of three perfectly spaced stars, with HIP 26212 at Mag 6.70 the brightest, but only slightly, the others being Mags 7.45 and 7.60
A neat FOV with numerous other stars, many with hints of nebulocity around them