Gamma Delphinigamma delphini

Double Star in Delphinus
y2 Del and y1 Del, 12 Del, HIP 102532 and HIP 102531
Mags 4.25 and 5.10

A really beautiful double on the nose of the Dolphin!
The A star is Mag 4.25 and has a hint of yellow gold, the B star has a nice close but easy separation, is at Mag 5.10 and appears just yellow of white
y1 Del, 12 Del has a different HIP number, 102531
y Del, 12 Del is Gamma Delphini and according to Wikipedia are separated by 10 arc seconds

Viewed again tonight for the second night running
Sharp and clear, distinct but subtle colour differences between the two stars which sit in a very nice FOV which in 12mm include OR Del, HIP 102490 A and B at Mags 7.45 and 8.25 and HIP 102611 at Mag 7.60