Supernova Remnant in Taurus
NGC 1952

Mag 8.4
The Crab Nebula

No feel of shape in 12mm but nice bright glow and easy to locate
Well defined in 25mm and probably more how Messier saw it

Very washed out in the light of a just over first quarter Moon but easy to locate

Large but hazy when first located in 25mm, patience and adjusting of focus in 12mm reveals the dark cleft and other structures
M1 sits in an otherwise quite dark FOV in 12mm, which is probably just as well!
Tried both 7mm and 18mm, 7mm is hard to focus, especially on M1 where there are few stars in the FOV but during a few moments of good seeing some structure was revealed
Just a nice sight in a crisp and clean FOV in 18mm