Spiral Galaxy in Virgo
NGC 4594
Mag 9.0
The Sombrero Galaxy

Hint of shape, quite bright

Looks as if the top has been sliced off!
Very distinctive even when optics are covered in dew!

Low down in the South-East through the haze
Easy to locate by star hopping first from Algorab, Delta Corvi, 7 Crv (HIP 60965) then up to a really neat triangle composed of HIP 61486, Mag 6.60, HIP 61449, Mag 6.70 and a Mag 9.75 star forming an isosceles triangle with the double stars HIP 61465 A and B at Mag 7.90 and 8.30 at it's centre
Then, onto another neat asterism which looks like a tiny Sagitta with HIP 61656 at Mag 7.65 the brightest star
 This 'mini arrow' falls in the same FOV in 25, 18 and 12mm FOV as M104 and points neatly to it
M104 itself has a clear shape, aligned about 20 degrees round from the 'mini arrow' with it's brighter side and bulge on the arrow's side
Viewed in 25mm, 18 and 12 and using Barlow with 18 and 12 to give a high magnification
Not really any clearer at these magnifications, probably due to the haze
18mm and 12mm gave the best views, and in moments of good seeing the dust lane could just be hinted at