Globular Cluster in Ophiuchus
NGC 6171
Mag 8.8
GC Class X

Faintest blur in 25mm and 12mm
Not resolved at all but very low down on Southern horizon in gap between trees!
Would not have found it if sky was not as clear and dark

Dim and unresolved Globular Cluster in a not yet dark sky
Easy to locate just out of 12mm FOV of an 'L' shaped asterism of three stars, HIP 80974 being the brightest at Mag 6.95

Much fainter than M12 and M10, both observed on the same evening in Ophiuchus
Just a bright haze with no stars resolved in 12mm but the weather is closing in
Sits within a tight triangle of stars of Mags 10.60, 11.50 and 11.90 with the only star of note in 12mm HIP 81047 at Mag 7.60