Great Globular Cluster in Hercules
NGC 6205
Mag 5.8

GC class V

Wonderful, very bright. outer stars easily resolved in 12mm

Biggest of the three (M3 and M5)
Easily resolved even in 25mm
Appears ragged in 12mm, fantastic!

Stunning again! Seems to fill ever more of the FOV as I look

Using 'neglected 18mm' on M71 and M13
View really sharp of both

Wow, fantastic in 7mm with inverted vision, fills the FOV and sparkles

Not resolved, rather hazy in temporarily wispy cloud

Comparing Globular Clusters
Huge dusting of resolved stars, not such a bright core as M2 or M15 but much bigger overall
Has the advantage that it sits in a relatively dark area of the sky

Big and bold, what a contrast between M13 and M71 which is so subtle

Viewed with all eyepieces from 25mm to 7mm in a hazy sky
7mm particularly clear, offering a dark and resolved cluster which nearly fits the eyepiece

I hadn't noticed before how dark a FOV M13 sits in or just how ragged and extended it is in 12mm
Nicely resolved outer edges and very large!

Quickly viewed as a comparison to the four other very different Globular Clusters seen this evening (and M92)
M13 amazing as always, I need to have a proper session using as much magnification as possible

Big and bright, easily resolved outer region
Observed in 25mm, 18mm and 12mm and also with Barlow up to a magnification of 180x
Quite dense and rather hazy core which is probably due to rather poor seeing and a not yet dark sky at 23:50

Big, bright with easily resolved stars
Sitting in an otherwise quite dark FOV in 12mm
Also viewed in 18mm where it's contrast to the rest of the FOV is really impressive

Experimenting with using all eyepieces and Barlow since it's nice and sharp this evening
Fantastic in all, resolved almost to the central core in 7mm, in which FOV it fills almost edge to edge
Perhaps the best view in 12mm and Barlow which seems sharpest and darkest