Globular Cluster in Pegasus
NGC 7078
Mag 6.2

GC class IV

Bright core then diffuse outer ring in 12mm
Bright in patch of clear sky
Hint of resolution with averted vision

Comparing Globular Clusters
Small but bright core which gently fades into surrounding starfield
Appears overall bigger than M2

Just resolving with inverted vision
Sits in an attractive starfield

Small, bright, dense and compact in a quite dark starfield apart from HIP 106157 at Mag 7.60
Experimented with various eyepiece combinations , 25mm, 12mm and 18mm and then with 12mm and 18mm with Barlow
Even at 180x not really resolved but the clouds are starting to roll in!

Very bright and tight ball which rapidly fades
Not really any hint of resolution tonight in a very clear but dew laden sky
After writing this returned to the eyepiece and in 12mm with inverted vision some of the outer stars are just at the limit of resolution and the Globular Cluster is now a more impressive sight

A much brighter Globular Cluster than the two observed before it, C42 and C47
Large, quite ragged and resolvable with inverted vision in the triangle formed by HIP 106075, Mag 7.30, HIP 106243, Mag 6.10 and HIP 106157 at Mag 7.60