Planetary Nebula in Vulpecula
NGC 6853
Mag 7.5

The Dumbbell Nebula

Easy to find, big, real feel of dumbbell shape, especially in 18mm where it seems to float in front of the surrounding starfield, a real gem!

Took some finding tonight but worth it!
  Star dusted FOV in 12mm which seems to be blacker around The Dumbbell

Surrounding starfield dark and bright tonight, especially in 18mm
Dumbbell shape really clear and obvious

Surprising how the dumbbell shape is still obvious considering the hazy conditions, with cloud drifting in

Floating in the starfield, a blob of cloud with a pinched waist!

Really bright and 'hanging' in a dark starfield, fantastic in 12mm

Not so much a feel of the dumbbell shape as sometimes but the moon is rising so the sky is washed out
Even so , The Dumbbell feels like it is hanging in front of the stars in it's FOV rather like a little cloud crossing the eyepiece

Enormous and brighter than I've ever seen The Dumbbell, and with that 3D 'floating in front of the starfield' effect in 12mm

Viewed in all eyepieces from 7mm to 25mm
In 25mm surprisingly large and floating above a lovely rich starfield
In same FOV as the yellow white 14 Vul, HIP 98375 at Mag 5.65
Sharp in 18mm with UHC filter, as with 12mm with UHC filter where the dumbbell shape is readily apparent and much more of a contrast to the background than without the filter
In 7mm fills the whole FOV but not easy to focus, better set against a rich starfield

Rather hazy and indistinct due to a rather hazy sky awash with skyglow even though there is no Moon, however the dumbbell shape is still very distinct

Used the UHC filter on 12mm to give a really dark contrast
Hard to focus but M27 really seems to float in front of it's starfield

Very bright and large in both 25mm and 12mm
A really rich starfield in front of which M27 seems to float, almost like a smudge within the eyepiece!
A real feel of the 'pinched' oval shape in both eyepieces
In 25mm the bright 14 Vul, HIP 98375 sits at the edge of the FOV glowing a dull yellow