Globular Cluster in Canes Venatici
NGC 5272
Mag 6.2
GC class VI

Beautiful and bright, especially in 18mm
Hint of resolution in 12mm


Smaller and more compact than M5, hint of resolution of outer stars?

Big Globular Cluster in 12mm but rather diffuse and only a hint of resolution due to the hazy sky

Sits beautifully in the centre of an isosceles triangle with HIP 66890, Mag 8.40 at it's head and HIP 66891 at Mag 10.55 and a star of Mag 9.80 at it's feet (no Hip number?)
HIP 66725 at Mag 6.20 in the same 25mm FOV
 Other stars resolved in 25mm, 18mm and 12mm and as magnification is increased so the whole cluster comes alive in stardust right to it's core which contains a few glowing pinpricks of light brighter than the rest
Viewed using Barlow with 18mm, fantastic, and 12mm even better during moments of good seeing using inverted vision
A real gem of a Globular Cluster

Using M3 as a stepping stone to the much fainter Globular Cluster NGC 5466
M3 looks fantastic as always but not particularly sharp in 12mm, perhaps some haze in the still light sky

The fifth Globular Cluster observed tonight, however low down on the not quite dark western horizon so only really located with a bit of luck!
Big and tight but quite hazy through the atmosphere so not resolved in 12mm