Elliptical Galaxy in Andromeda
NGC 221
Mag 8.1

Hazy, Smokey 21:00 to 23:00

Very tight bright ball

A very tight, star like blob, and bright

A bright blob like an out of focus star

In 25mm M32 is a sharp and well defined blob at Mag 8.1

Small, compact and bright Galaxy, easy to locate floating above M31 and much brighter than M31's other companion, M110

Fantastic, filling the whole FOV is M31 with M32 as a very tight, bright and distinct ball above it where as M110 is surprisingly faint and actually sits outside the 12mm FOV from M31 and has a completely different look to M32, very hazy but much larger

M31, M32 and M110 viewed in 18mm where the dense core spreads right across the FOV and the hazy outer reaches spread for perhaps another FOV either side
The 18mm gives a dark background as its FOV is not as wide as the 12mm Plossl or the 25mm Ortho and really sets M31 and its attendant Galaxies off
M32 is small, very spherical and tight and really bright and easy to locate, unlike M110 sitting further out on the other side of M31, which appears as a wispy but large patch with no hint of shape or structure