Open Cluster in Gemini
NGC 2168
Mag 5.3

A good range of magnitudes which neatly fill the FOV of a 12mm
Lots of unresolved hazy patches between the brighter resolved stars. Neat

Large, richly populated with a range of stars, the brightest a yellow star of Mag 7.4
In 25mm the Open Cluster fits neatly, including it's rather ragged outer reaches
5 Gem, HIP 29379 at Mag 5.8 just creeps into the FOV as it's drifting
In 12mm the central, dense region fits nearly perfectly
Easily visible in binoculars and finderscope, a real gem, like one of the 'Double Cluster'

Some really interesting colour contrasts among the brighter stars, especially in 25mm where the FOV appears as a dark canvas with coloured dots on it