Open Cluster in Canis Major
NGC 2287
Mag 4.5

Open Cluster. Bright fuzzy patch in binoculars and finderscope
Fills the whole FOV in 12mm with bright stars, very similar to either one of the 'Double Cluster' in Cassiopeia

Open Cluster, Beautiful, fills the eyepiece of a 12mm with stars, the bright yellow star at it's centre being the gem!
Visible in finderscope even though it is low down on the Southern horizon

A really nice Open Cluster, even when low down through the haze like this evening
What is immediately striking are the two golden yellow stars at its centre, HIP 32406 at Mag 6.90 and HIP 32426 at Mag 7.25
Interestingly the striking colours do not appear as noticeable when zoomed into 8mm as they do in 20mm or 16mm
Not many very faint stars, but it could be because of the poor seeing