Diffuse Nebula in Orion
NGC 1976
Mag 4.0

The Orion Nebula and the Trapezium, Theta Orionis

Hazy, Smokey,21:00 to 23:00

Washed out in the moonlight but Trapezium really sharp in it's heart

Lots of structure to the Nebula
A dark area pushing in towards the Trapezium from the direction of M43 creates a bright arc which then swings up and round in a narrow arc towards two stars, one being HIP 26314 at Mag 6.55 and the other (which the arc reaches) of Mag 7.30
Three stars in a row of similar magnitude to the Trapezium are close to it

In 12mm eyepiece M42 fills the whole FOV with interesting swirls and curves of nebulosity
Bright, well defined and so beautiful it has to be the showcase object in the night sky

Testing new UHC filter on The Orion Nebula
The filter greatly increases contrast making the Nebula look huge and sharp
Also tested the new Barlow with all eyepieces
7mm with Barlow not particularly sharp but it is at 300x Magnification!

Observed in 25mm and 12mm plus 12mm with Barlow
The Trapezium very sharp but only four stars in all eyepieces, where are the other two Mag 11 stars?
18mm with UHC filter reduces the brightness but brings out wisps of nebula across the whole FOV and indeed beyond
In 12mm with Barlow it is again difficult to make the stars of the Trapezium sharp

Fantastic view in 18mm
Pin sharp stars of the Trapezium really look as if they are set in a hollow of swirling gasses with real depth and a 3D feel to the FOV
The gases themselves show many changes of density and brightness
To me the nebula looks like a flapping Manta Ray, with the Trapezium as one eye and the nearest and brightest of the three stars in a line above but within the nebula as the other
There are two really sharp but much fainter stars within the nebula and below and to the left of the Trapezium which are really neat, perhaps Mag 9.5+

Orion is now sinking low into the West so the Orion Nebula is rather faint
However, the Trapezium is very sharp tonight
Two satellites cross the FOV in 12mm, one to the East and one West, Great!

The Trapezium, four stars of Mags 5 and 6 which together create Theta Orionis, 41 Ori, HIP 26224 with designations A, B, C and D
Really beautiful and very tight group sitting in a darker region of M42
Tried to locate E and F, at Mag 11 but no luck in 12mm or in 18mm with Barlow
This combination darkens the FOV and really highlights the intricacies of M42, however the view got even better  using the UHC filter on 18mm and Barlow and then again without the Barlow
The filter really does make a difference, I was able to chase the loop right round to Hatsya, i Ori, 44 Ori, HIP 26241, the nebula becoming NGC 1980 at this point