HII Region in Orion
NGC 1982
Mag 9.0

De Mairan's Nebula

De Mairan's Nebula lies just above M42, surrounds the star HIP 26258 at Mag 6.75 which seems to glow in the bright ball of nebula surrounding it

With the UHC filter M43 jumps out of the background, very impressive since it darkens the area around it

18mm with UHC filter really makes the nebulosity around HIP 26258 at Mag 6.75 stand out in contrast to the dark background

It's December, so time for Orion!
M43, the Nebula around Nu Ori, HIP 26258
A definite oval, with more of the Nebula towards M42
Much fainter than the Nebula around M42, a halo

Orion nice and clear so going to view it's nebulae with 12mm and UHC filter
M43 shows a nice shape around Nu Ori, HIP 26258 at Mag 6.75
The star is dimmed throught the UHC filter with hints of colour fringing if not quite in focus
The nebula appears denser and larger away from M42 and The Trapezium with a distinct dark lane between them
However, then viewed in 18mm without filter, fantastic, pin sharp stars and although not so contrasty the nebula really showed its curled tadpole shape
Viewed again in 12mm without filter, just as clear, are UHC filters not really effective on this type of nebula?