Open Cluster in Hydra
NGC 2548
Mag 5.5

The first time I've observed this large and rather ragged and faint Open Cluster
Sits in an empty area of the sky, I hopped down from Procyon in Canis Minor, aCMi, 10 CMi, HIP 37279, bright and sharp at Mag 0.40, to three stars forming a nicely proportioned equilateral triangle formed from 28 Mon, VO645 Mon, HIP 39211 at Mag 4.65,
ζ Mon, 29 Mon, HIP 39863 at Mag 4.35 and 27 Mon, HIP 39079 at Mag 4.90
M48 sits below this triangle and has a nice string of ten or so stars of Mags 9 and 10 at its core
In fact many of the stars in this cluster appear to be around that same magnitude range and fit well in the 24mm FOV