Globular Cluster in Serpens
NGC 5904
Mag 6.6

GC class V

Beautiful and big in 12mm, Outer stars easily resolved (or are they unrelated stars?)

Small but tight and bright in 12mm but not resolved, hazy

A dense and unresolved core to this Globular Cluster but with a nice halo of resolved stars
Sits on it's own in a dark starfield
5 Ser at Mag 5.0 is just out of FOV in 12mm

Quite compact core rapidly fading
Outer stars easily resolved in 12mm but core just a bright glow
In 25mm a neat bright centred blob in same FOV as 5 Ser, MQ Ser (HIP 74975)

Just resolved in 12mm with inverted vision
Big and bright but eyepiece dewing up!