Spiral Galaxy in Canes Venatici
NGC 5194 & 5195
Mag 8.4
The Whirlpool Galaxy

Fantastic! Real hint of shape to both galaxies


Very clear, spiral just visible in 12mm
NGC 5195, M51B very clear

Rather hazy and washed out

No real shape to the two Galaxies tonight but the sky is still not dark at midnight one day short of the longest day

Distinct shape and a real feel that the two are interacting, with NGC5195 only a little less bright and only a little smaller
Between them and HIP 66004 at mag 7.05 is a nice but very faint triangle with the faintest star clearly visible at Mag 11.9

Clear bright cores to both Galaxies with a real feel of the shape of the arms
Obvious that the two are interacting!

Truly amazing in 12mm where the spiral shape of NGC 5194 is really clear and it's companion NGC 5195 is so obviously interacting with it
Actually in a neat 12mm FOV with two asterisms close by
There seems to be a haze enveloping both Galaxies, are these the stars that have been ejected during the interaction?
A great sight and one of the gems of the deep sky

Very hazy and not a dark sky so M51 just a double haze with no feel of shape in 12mm

I thought that although the Moon is a bright first quarter tonight M51 on the opposite side of the sky would be good to observe, wrong!
Just a faint smudge which really shows how much the Moon washes out the sky