Globular Cluster in Coma Berenices
NGC 5024
Mag 8.3
GC Class V

Small but easy to find, close to interesting asterism
Not resolved in 12mm

A small and neat Globular Cluster, nicely set in a 12mm FOV by two stars of Mags 9 and 10 forming an arrow with M53 at it's point

Quite tight Globular Cluster, just two 12mm FOV's away from Diadem, Alpha Com, 42 Com (HIP 64241) at Mag 4.30 so easy to locate
Unable to resolve any stars, probably due to the hazy sky and poor seeing

Very ragged and quickly fades away from the core where some stars can be resolved in 12mm
Is the apparent ragged look caused by a few bright stars in the core distorting the view of the cluster?

Washed out and unresolved even in 12mm with a bright first quarter Moon
However, easy to locate and the first Globular that I have observed for months, means summer is coming!

Located this small, tight and not resolved star cluster while star hopping from Diadem, a Com, 42 Com, HIP 64241 at Mag 4.30, towards M64
Rather neat all the same, and can see why Messier wanted to note these objects so as not to confuse them with comets, which M53 could easily be!
Took magnification well but still not resolved in 8mm