Planetary Nebula in Lyra
NGC 6720
Mag 8.8

The Ring Nebula



Very small and delicate in 12mm. Always seems to be 'out of focus'

Quite dark inside the ring so a nice contrast, surroundings quite dark tonight too

Distinct in 18mm eyepiece, an eyepiece I should use more!

Large, but appears out of focus in 12mm tonight
Perhaps larger than I have ever seen, is this because the Moon is so full?

Appears really bright and well defined with a nice dark central hole even though the sky is still not dark at 11:20pm
Very clearly an oval rather than a circle, especially with inverted vision and moments of good seeing

Viewed tonight with 25mm eyepiece which mad a small but well defined ring of M57 with a nice central hole

Experimented with viewing through 7mm, 18mm and 25mm Orthos as well as 12mm Plossl. 7mm was as expected poor, unable to focus. 18mm was OK but not as sharp as 25mm
Best view through 12mm where field seemed to be much darker

Testing the new focuser on some easy objects!
A very dark but star studded FOV in 12mm with the Ring Nebula floating with it and really sharp, now for M71!

It's amazing how small yet how well defined The Ring Nebula is
In 12mm a nice dark central hole and perhaps a hint of colour in moments of good seeing?

Although the evening skyglow has washed out the FOV The Ring Nebula is still nicely defined and sharp

Bright but not very sharp in 12mm with Barlow at a magnification of 180x
However, the oval shape is well defined and a clear centre although no sign of the central star
Sits in a very rich starfield, especially in 25mm where it appears as a hazy ring

Very easy to locate, appears as a fuzzy oval in 18mm and 12mm but no sign of the central star although the dark centre is nice and clear, especially with inverted vision

The region of sky around Lyra, Sagitta, Delphinus and Vulpecular is just wonderful with any eyepiece
Tonight with a bit of cloud coming and going  M57 is not as sharp as some nights, but is so distinct and easy to locate, although so tiny

Viewing on a very sharp evening using all eyepieces and Barlow
Large and well defined at all magnifications, especially using inverted vision
In 12mm the oval shape is well defined with a clear hole in the centre

Really sharp in 18mm tonight with a nice dark central hole and obvious oval shape with a hint of blue within it

Big but hazy and not well defined, perhaps because of the dew coating everything