Spiral Galaxy in Canes Venatici
NGC 5055
Mag 9.3
The Sunflower Galaxy


Easy to locate, has a nice feel of its oval shape in 12mm with a denser central area and then diffuse outer oval

The Sunflower Galaxy
Easy to locate hopping from the beautiful double star Cor Caroli, a2 C Vn, 12 C Vn A, HIP 63125A at Mag 2.85, onto a neat asterism of stars formed from 19, 20 and 23 C Vn at Mags 5.85, 4.70 and 5.60 with HIP 64540 at Mag 4.9 and from there to M63
Quite tight bright core which rapidly fades, with a star of Mag 9.30 sitting just within the outer haze
Some hints of structure in 12mm