Spiral Galaxy in Leo
NGC 3623
Mag 10.2
Leo Triplet with M66 and NGC 3628



1st quarter moon bright enough to cast shadows

A real hint of shape, even in a hazy sky

Both M65 and M66 very faint and washed out with the sky lightening as the Moon rises

Part of the Leo Triplet, well defined although not as bright as M66 and also not close to a neat asterism of stars as is M66
All three of the Leo Triplet just fit into the FOV in 12m

Observed with M66 and NGC 3628, together forming the Leo Triplet
Rather a sparse FOV, with the only bright star HIP 55262, Mag 7.10, between M65 and NGC 3628
All three galaxies show good shapes and structures, with NGC 3628, although the faintest at Mag 9.50 appearing the largest with the merest hint of a dust lane splitting it lenghways
M66 has a nice little asterism of stars of Mag 9.8 and 11th Mag sitting beside it

Observed with M66, ANs object of the month for March, M65 is not quite so bright but has a much sharper and more defined shape
All three of the Leo Triplet sit in the same 24mm FOV, and are easy to locate
Once the sky has darkened, now 9:15pm, a much blacker FOV in which the three sit