Open Cluster in Cancer
NGC 2682
Mag 6.1

A rather scattered Open Cluster, just visible as a hazy patch in binoculars but very nice in 25mm and 12mm where the eyepiece frames the cluster with a neat border

 A completely different Open Cluster to M44, also in Cancer
Small, dense and very faint and best in 12mm
None the less a very attractive sight
There is one much brighter star sitting just in the edge of the cluster, HIP 43519 at Mag 7.80 but not sure if it is part of the cluster or, more likely, a foreground star

A completely different Open Cluster from M44, observed just before it
Very faint, with only HIP 43519 at Mag 7.80 within it and the rest of the stars below Mag 9
Small even in 12mm but very neat in a starfield that becomes rapidly sparse compared to the cluster