Reflection Nebula in Orion
NGC 2068
Mag 8.3

Misty and faint nebula with two faint stars embedded in it
Quite a tight little clump in 12mm in an otherwise very sparse starfield

Small but bright, rather like a little version of M42 with two stars at it's heart rather than the four of the Trapezium
Very neat!

Very distinct nebula in 12mm, primarily because the FOV is otherwise so sparse!
Bright and tight nebula with wisps reaching to NGC 2071, also in same FOV in 12mm

Very faint in the light of a five day old Moon, in 12mm the haze spreads right across the FOV, you don't notice it until you pan away whereupon the FOV appears much blacker
The brighter part of the Nebula appears to be around a star of Mag 10.8 with a fairly close neighbour perhaps a magnitude fainter

ANs February object of the month, and to start with surprisingly faint, however once located and with the eyes dark adapted and inverted some shape stars to appear as do the two faint Mag 10 stars at it's centre
The only 'bright' stars in the FOV are a very thin triangle of stars formed from V1380 Ori, HIP 27309, an eclipsing binary double at Mag 10.2 and two stars of Mags 9.9 and 9.95
Around V1380 Ori is the merest hint of the Reflection Nebula which is NGC 2071 which also touches the Mag 9.9 star which forms the short side of the triangle
Defiantly one to observe on a crisp night