Spiral Galaxy in Ursa Major
NGC 3031
Mag 6.9
Bode's Nebula


Hazy, Smokey,21:00 to 23:00

Nice against a dark background

Large and bright, hint of spiral shape in 12mm, rather lost in 7mm

Fills the eyepiece of 12mm
Really sharp as is M82
Both well defined in 25mm

A hazy blob in a not very dark sky just a few days from the longest day!

A blob, but with the feel of a much more impressive galaxy if it was observed not one day short of the longest day in a perfectly still and completely clear sky!

Bright dense core then diffuse haze with a feeling of size, a 6'th or so across the FOV in 12mm

Very distinct core with a large halo gradually disappearing into the surrounding starfield

With the telescope axis offset from North to observe Comet Catalina a perfect opportunity to observe both M81 and M82
Really big and bright in 12mm, I'd forgotten how big they are compared to much fainter NGC Galaxies
A real hint of the structure of M81 with possibly even hints of the spiral arms when the stiff breeze stopped blowing the telescope

Observed in conjunction with Comet Catalina to provide a magnitude guide for the comet, since it should be about the same
Big and bright with a quite tight bright core
A hint of size but no structure visible
Tried high magnification, using Barlow and 12mm but difficult to focus with the telescope shaking in the breeze

Observed just after NGC 2903 in Leo, M81 is so big and bright and with such a clear spiral structure

Always a joy to observe, however it's location close(ish) to the pole can cause some problems lining up the telescope tube for easy viewing
Perfect in 18mm where it and it's companion M82 sit in a neat FOV

A large and easy to locate spiral galaxy, paired with M82, not quite in the same FOV in 12mm
Some hint of its structure with inverted vision, with a bright core and faint oval surrounding it