Globular Cluster in Hercules
NGC 6341
Mag 6.3
GC class IV

Sprawling in 12mm in a rich star field
Every now and then the wide and ragged outer edges resolve
Another fantastic GC


Comparing Globular Clusters
Similar to M15 but perhaps a slightly less bright core and less dense overall, very nice!

Quickly viewed as a comparison to the four other very different Globular Clusters seen this evening (and M13)
Small, tight and neat and needs to have time spent viewing it at higher magnifications

Not as big or as bright as M13, observed on the same night
Quite a dense core which rapidly spreads
Outer stars resolved in 12mm with Barlow giving a magnification of 180x
A neat view in 18mm with Barlow where it sits in a neat starfield

Observed just after M13
Much smaller, tighter and denser and in a nice dark FOV in 12mm
Possibly some outer stars resolved with inverted vision