Bright Nebula in Orion
NGC 1980

Mag 2.75

A bright glow surrounding the star I Ori (HIP 26241) at Mag 2.75
Just on the edge of The Great Orion Nebula, M42
I Ori looks to be a double star with a faint companion, widely separated

Nice bright ball of nebulosity when viewed through the UHC filter
In 25mm the whole FOV has interesting areas across it

In 18mm with UHC filter nebulosity around I Ori (HIP 26241) forms a really bright halo around the star, and extends above to HIP 26199 at Mag 4.75

Really bright glow around Hatsya, i Ori, 44 Ori, HIP 26241 which seems to mark the bright extent of M42 which does however encompass the double star HIP 26197A and B at Mag 5.60 and HIP 26199 at Mag 4.75

Back to Orion's sword, and the bottom nebula centred around
Hatsya, i Ori, 44 Ori, HIP 26241at Mag 2.75
A really large nebula, which would be a gem in it's own right if it were not touching M42 as it's horns swing round to it
Really good in 25mm, with a nice contrast to the dark sky around it away from M42
I don't know if NGC 1980 includes the really distinct oval nebula which surrounds HIP 26197 at Mag 5.60 and it's companion HIP 26199 at Mag 4.75, a very neat view in 25mm