NGC 1981ngc1981

Open Cluster with Nebulosity in Orion
NGC 1981

Mag 4.6

Open Cluster. Fills the FOV in 12mm neatly with eight stars of Mags 6 to 8 and a few fainter stars
Shaped like a flying swan below NGC 1977

A very bright Open Cluster which fits neatly into the FOV in 12mm, with the nebulosity from NGC 1973 just peeping in from the North

A really bright Open Cluster with few stars between it's brighter members around 6th and 7th magnitude
The three brightest are HIP 26257 at Mag 6.40, HIP 26234 at Mag 6.45 and VO Ori, HIP 26233 at Mag 6.55, all in a nice line and of similar colours
One rogue star, just in the FOVin 12mm, is V1045 Ori, HIP 26182 at Mag 6.70, but it looks to be part of the cluster