NGC 2022ngc2022

Planetary Nebula in Orion
NGC 2022
Mag 12.8

Maybe just a hint of something, but at least this Planetary Nebula is easy to find
An out of focus dot when moving the FOV in 8mm
Worth another try on a less misty night

This is a Mag 12 Planetary Nebula so is going to be hard to spot, the trouble is that I'm sure I have but it's not in quite the position shown in Stellarium!
In Stellarium it is shown on a line which extends from HIP 26792 at Mag 7.45, through  a star of Mag 9.40 and then three times that distance to NGC 2022
However I think it is below this line and quite distinct as a ring in 8mm with inverted vision!
I will have to investigate further!