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Emission Nebula in Orion
NGC 2024

Mag 8.2
The Flame Nebula

You can really see why this Nebula is called The Flame Nebula
Once the dazzle of Alnitak, Zeta Orionis, is out of the FOV the Nebula begins to appear as the eye adjusts from viewing the Mag 1.85 star
Not only does the Nebula resemble flames but it appears to move and flare towards V1197 Ori, HIP 26953 at Mag 6.3
But, very faint and difficult to make out any of the structure so familiar in photographs

 Just a hint in 18mm with UHC filter attached, as long as Alnitak (z Ori) is out of the FOV
However, it is as clear in 12mm with no filter

In 12mm Alnitak, z Ori, 50 Ori, HIP 26727A at Mag 1.85 needs to be just outside the FOV, otherwise it is blinding!
There is a hint of nebulosity but no feel of the structure