NGC 2071ngc2071

Bright Nebula in Orion
NGC 2071
Mag 8.0

Just the merest hint of haze above HIP 27309, a double star
In same FOV as M78, NGC 2064 and NGC 2067

Fainter nebula but brighter stars than M78, which fits in the same FOV in 12mm which is otherwise devoid of stars

Centered around V1380 Ori, HIP 27309A and B at Mags 10.2 and 11.1 and stretching down to a Mag 9.9 star, this Nebula seems to form part of M78, with which it shares a 12mm FOV, and indeed the whole FOV is hazy

Around V1380 Ori is the merest hint of the Reflection Nebula which is NGC 2071 which also touches the Mag 9.9 star which forms the short side of the triangle (see the observation of M78)
Defiantly one to observe on a crisp night