NGC 2169ngc2169

Open Cluster in Orion
NGC 2169
Mag 5.9

The 37 Cluster

A compact but bright Open Cluster, visible in finderscope
In 12mm it is split into two with a dark band between
I counted nine stars in the top region, of which HIP 29126 at Mag 7.15 is the brightest, and six stars in the lower section, HIP 29106 at Mag 8.1 being the brightest in this region

Easy to locate this very small Open Cluster
With imagination you can see a '3' and a '7' in separate parts of the cluster, made up of the brighter stars but even these are very faint , and upside down!
They look more like a couple of flying ducks to me, sprinkled with stardust
About the brightest star in the cluster is HIP 29126, the top right of the '3' which is a close double, the A component is Mag 7.15 and the B Mag 8.15 but they are very close, only just separated in 8mm, with the fainter towards HIP 29127 at Mag 8.70