NGC 2264ngc2264

Open Cluster and Emission Nebula in Monoceros
NGC 2264
Mag 3.9

The Christmas Tree Cluster and Cone Nebula

Fantastic Cluster in 25mm
15 Mon (s Mon) at Mag 4.65 marks the pot of the Christmas Tree and is much brighter than the rest of the Cluster, which are like tiny white lights on the tree with a slightly brighter star at Mag 7.15 at the top
In 25mm really bright nebulosity around 15 Mon with dark lanes apparent
Cluster fits perfectly in 18mm and is so sharp, every star a perfect pinprick although the nebulosity is much less evident!
In 12mm with UHC filter some structure to the nebulosity can be seen, and is there just a hint with inverted vision of a notch where The Cone Nebula lies?

Perfect in 20mm where the 'Christmas Tree' fits the FOV perfectly
At it's base and really bright is 15 Mon, S Mon, Hip 31978 at Mag 4.65 and around which is a patch of really bright nebula
The star on the top of the tree is formed by a star of Mag 7.15 and the classic shape is created by a fairly uniform set of magnitudes, what a fantastic FOV!