NGC 2362ngc2362

Open Cluster in Canis Major
NGC 2362
Mag 4.1

Tau Canis Majoris Cluster, Caldwell 64

Wow, considering how low in the Southern sky it is this cluster is great in 12mm
Tight and bright ball surrounding t Canis Majoris at Mag 4.85 which really sets the cluster off, and a hint of nebulosity too!

A tiny and very faint Open Cluster with a hint of nebulosity in its stardust
It would be very difficult to locate were it not for the fact that its brightest member, which outshines all the rest combined and sits right in the middle, is T CMa, 30 CMa, HIP 35415 at Mag 4.85 which looks great and appears to light up the whole FOV, especially when zoomed in
I can see why Sir Patrick Moore rated it but of course he had  a fantastic southern horizon, as I do now the fir tress have gone!