NGC 2903ngc2903

Barred Spiral Galaxy in Leo
NGC 2903
Mag 9.7

Big and bold in both 25mm and 12mm with a distinct shape and structure visible in both eyepieces although rather washed out
In 25mm sits just above a 'bowl' asterism of four stars of which HIP 46621 at Mag 6.90 is the brightest, the other stars being of Mags 7.45, 8.80 and 9.85
There is apparently a Mag 10.0 Galaxy (NGC 2905) which sits within it, but no discernible blob within NGC 2903
Definitely worth a closer look when the seeing is better

Much clearer against a darker sky than when last observed, even though the Moon is four days old and just starting to cast shadows
A good feel of shape with some structure visible in moments of good seeing in 12mm
No sign of the Mag 10 Galaxy which sits at it's edge, NGC 2905
Easy to locate on Leo's 'nose' at a perfect elevation for comfortable viewing!

A nice dark night so in 12mm NGC 2903 shows a really elongated shape, up/down in FOV with a hint of the central bar and of real size
A few stars of Mags 9 and 10 in the FOV, with HIP 46804 at Mag 7.45 right on the bottom edge