NGC 457ngc457

Open Cluster in Cassiopeia
NGC 457
Mag 6.4
The Owl Cluster, The ET Cluster, The Dragonfly Cluster, Caldwell 13

Perfect in 18mm, with
φ Cas, 34 Cas, HIP 6242 forming one of the 'eyes' at Mag 4.95 and HIP 6229 at Mag 6.95 forming the other
To me its a perfect 'da da' shaped figure with arms outstretched
φ Cas appears quite yellow, with HIP 6229 slightly more orange
The most intense orange star is V0466 Cas, HIP 6231 which is a pulsating variable star of Mag 8.65
Actually a rather sparse Open Cluster but the two 'eyes' and its shape really bring it out

It is easy to see why with those two bright eyes visible in the finderscope at Mags 4.95, in the case of 
φ Cas, 34 Cas, HIP 6242, and 6.95 for HIP 6229 with those outstretched arms, really neat and easy to locate which is always a bonus!

As Callum Potter says in AN's October issue, where NGC 457 is object of the month, 'this is a splendid Open Cluster'
I see it as a figure with arms outstretched, nearly upright in my 18mm FOV which gives a loverly dark background to it
The brightest star, forming the right 'eye' is a loverly yellow white,
φ Cas, 34 Cas, HIP 6242 shining at Mag 4.95
The other 'eye' is formed by HIP 6229, much fainter at Mag 6.95
The other really interesting star forms the right 'shoulder', V0466 Cas at Mag 8.65 is a pulsating variable star, a tiny sharp dot and so red, fantastic