NGC 6802ngc6802

Open Cluster in Vulpecular
NGC 6802
Mag 8.8


Open Cluster, rather diffuse and insignificant

An Open Cluster which is more like a faint Galaxy, not resolved in 18mm or 12mm
In 12mm it sits as a haze above a line between two sets of close stars, the brightest and more separated at Mags 9.05 and 9.95 and the closer pair at Mags 9.80 and 11.30
7 Vul, HIP 95818 sits as a yellow Mag 6.30 star in the same 18mm and 12mm FOV and is the end of a line of 6 stars which form the base of the asterism known as 'The Coathanger' very neat and distinctive in finderscope even if it is upside down!