NGC 6823 & NGC 6820ngc6823

Open Cluster and Emission Nebula in Vulpecula
NGC 6823 & NGC 6820
Mag 7.1

Open Cluster NGC 6823, sparse, three? stars in line almost joined
Surrounded by faint but visible haze in 12mm which is NGC 6820

A really neat wide double at the centre of the cluster sets the sprinkle of stars off which form around it

Smaller, with less members than NGC 6830, just a few FOVs away
A row of 6 stars between Mags 8.45 and 9.45 just fit into the FOV in 18mm with NGC 6823 above the bottom star
The whole asterism reminds me of a scythe handle with it's double curve
All very sharp in 18mm which gives a lovely contrast between the dark of the background and the sharpness of the stars

Hardly seems to be an Open Cluster at all in 12mm
Sparse but enclosed in an inverted 'Y' shape of stars of 8th and 9th magnitude
There could just be a hint of the nebulosity which is NGC 6820 in 18mm, slightly brighter than the surrounding starfield