NGC 6830ngc6830

Open Cluster in Vulpecula
NGC 6830
Mag 7.9

Small and compact. Half a dozen or so bright stars forming a cross shape at centre

Almost Globular Cluster like, forms the 'belly' of a stick man pointing at 12 Vul

A rather nice and tight Open Cluster of perhaps a dozen stars which sits along the base of a triangle with12 Vul, V0395 Vul, HIP97679 at it's top and stars of Mags 8.80 and 9.25 at it's base, fitting neatly into the FOV in 18mm

Sparse and rather uninspiring Open Cluster, located by star hopping using 25mm eyepiece from M27, The Dumbbell Nebula
Better viewed in 25mm rather than 12mm since in the former it is more sharply defined, with 12 Vul, VO 395 Vul, HIP 97679 at Mag 4.90 at the edge of the FOV