NGC 6934ngc6934

Globular Cluster in Delphinus
NGC 6934
Mag 8.9
Caldwell 47, GC Class VIII

Small and fuzzy but feels like it spreads out
Sits inside what looks like an open cluster
Very attractive starfield

Small but surprisingly bright, tight ball in both 25mm and 12mm
Easy to locate in a rich starfield very close to a Mag 9.15 star
Very attractive considering its magnitude

A tight blob of haze in 25mm which sits next to a star of Mag 9.15, which in turn forms a neat polygon of four stars of which HIP 101571 at Mag 8.40 and HIP 101560 at Mag 8.75 are the brightest and at opposite corners
Not resolved even using Barlow with 12mm, in 12mm without Barlow forms the 'nose' of a dog, a neat asterism of stars of Mags 9, 10 and 11

Hunting Globular Clusters around Delphinium
Just viewed C42 at Mag 10.6, C47 is much brighter at Mag 8.9 with perhaps a hint of resolution of some of the outer stars in 12mm?
Easy to locate, forming a nice triangle in 12mm with HIP 101571 at Mag 8.4 and HIP 101560 at Mag 8.75 so all three around the same magnitude