NGC 869ngc869

Open Cluster in Perseus
NGC 869
Mag 3.7
The Double Cluster with NGC 884, Caldwell 14

Fills the eyepiece of 25mm with stars, bright and beautiful

'Top' cluster of Double Cluster, really stunning in 18mm

The Double Cluster with NGC 884
NGC 869 is closest to Ruchbah,
δ Cas and is the denser and and more compact of the two
A pair of bright yellow stars like eyes sit in the centre of the cluster
In 18mm both just fit into a beautiful FOV

Really doing the rounds of some of the most spectacular deepsky sights tonight
Amazing sight in 12mm and 18mm but even better in 25mm where both clusters fit into the FOV and fill it with a huge range of magnitudes and colours, fantastic

Amazing in 18mm where each of the clusters sit neatly in the FOV, filling it with a huge range of magnitudes of stars with some lovely bright yellow stars in the mix
Great to pan the view between the two clusters which interestingly have the same overall magnitude listed on Stellarium, at Mag 4.0