Sixth planet from the Sun
Second largest planet in the Solar System
Gas Giant

Here is a sketch done at the eyepiece showing the positions of the moons

Beautiful with wide open rings and very bright
Titan fantastic at Mag 9.01 and three other moons just the merest pinpricks, Rhea at Mag 10.34, Dione at Mag 11.01 and Tethys at Mag 10.86

Low down so not very sharp through the atmosphere but still amazing with it's rings wide open
Using 12mm and 2x Barlow at Mag 180x just a hint of the gap in the rings
Three moons easily visible, Titan at Mag 8.98, Rhea at Mag 10.32 and Iapetus at Mag 11.81 and a hint of two moons close in, Dione at Mag 10.99 and Tethys at Mag 10.84 but both rather lost in the glare
Here is a Stellarium screenshot of their relative positions to Saturn, Tethys is not labelled but is just below Dione

Very bright with it's rings wide open
No sign of any gaps in the rings
Titan clear in 12mm with 2x Barlow but other moons lost in the glare of Saturn or in the hazy sky

Low on the horizon and just about to disappear behind the fir trees
Rings wide open, very bright and casting a distinct shadow on Saturn's surface
Titan bright and quite wide to the left at Mag 9.04 with Rhea closer and to the right at Mag 10.37
Between Titan and Saturn, closer than Rhea on the other side is Dione at Mag 11.05